Euro-Asian Landbridge

Euro-Asian Landbridge

The new connection, EURO-ASIAN LANDBRIDGE, broadens the offer of logistics services of the FERCAM Business Unit Air&Ocean. Its purpose is to connect the Chinese market to Europe and vice versa and is an alternative to air and sea transport.

On average, Chinese terminals reach the European terminals within 15-17 days. This is half the time it takes for transports by sea, and lets you save on costs up 5 times compared to shipping by plane.
It also offers environmental advantages: letting the good travel by train drastically reduces the CO2 emissions of up to 33 times compared to air freight.

Fercam, through its intermodal network or with on-road vehicles, takes care of the distribution of incoming goods and the pick up of outgoing goods.
The goods are then transported from the European terminals to the client through our Full Truck Load or Less Thank Truck Load services with a lead time of 3/5 days. 

goods delivery and pick-up through our FTL or LTL service
goods delivery and pick-up through our FTL or LTL service

Whatever the load, whatever the destination, FERCAM offers complete transport concepts based on railway, with:

  • Block-train, single containers/container groups
  • Full Container Loads Less Container Loads
  • Less CO₂ emissions
  • Perfect balance between costs and transit time
  • Less expensive than Airand faster than Sea
  • By reducing lead times you can save in terms of interests and working capital

The Euro-Asian Landbridge service consists of serveral departures a week and is active for Westbound (from China towards Europe) and Eastbound (from Europe towards China) transports and can be used both for Full Truck Loads (FTL containers) and for partial loads or groupage (LTL containers)
  • Zhengzhou – Warsaw / Hamburg / Duisburg – Zhengzhou
  • Chongqing – Hamburg / Duisburg – Chongqing
  • Changsha – Hamburg – Changsha
  • Chengdu – Lodz – Chengdu
  • Wuhan – Hamburg / Duisburg – Wuhan
  • Xiamen – Hamburg / Lodz – Xiamen

Euro-Asian Landbridge