Full Truck Load

Full Truck Load / Road & Rail

Full truck loads to every country in Europe and in the Mediterranean
Thanks to its experience with Full Track Loads, FERCAM satisfies every need of continental transport from and to every country, making use of a widespread network within the European territory and in the Mediterranean and of thousands of vehicles.
Depending on your specific needs, FERCAM can suggest the most suitable solution for its clients: by road, by rail or a combination of both systems.
When you choose FERCAM you know that you can rely on a top quality service that will meet your requirements and lend a hand in safeguarding the environment. 
FERCAM has always paid great attention to environmental issues, including by renewing its fleet with the latest generation of environmentally-friendly vehicles, expert drivers who pay attention to driving and rest hours and are offered courses to guarantee top security of goods and driving.
With its team of experts, FERCAM offers assistance 365 days a year, 24/7, to ensure the traceability of your goods and therefore greater security.


Our vehicles at your service, since 1949
FERCAM owns a big fleet of vehicles that guarantees load capacity and availability 365 days a year. FERCAM has a range of different vehicles, constantly under control to ensure safety, respect of the environment andenergetic efficiency. FERCAM also believes in the importance of professional development for its drivers, and offers them hundreds of courses every year, in order to optimise the safety on the road and of the goods.

Transports under controlled temperature

Safe management of transports under controlled temperature
Today’s shipping services are required to be fast and totally reliable. FERCAM FRESH offers fully equipped vehicles for any full truck load or partialtransport under controlled temperature, be it refrigerated goods, chemical or electronic goods, or drugs.

  • on-time delivery, vehicles travelling round-the-clock, express service with two drivers
  • flexibility, same-day deliveries, 365 days a year
  • just-in-time shipments with specific arrangements
  • environmentally-friendly vehicles
  • company-owned semi-trailers with temperature recorder and printer to efficiently monitor the temperature throughout the journey
  • aggregate refrigeration units to set the temperature from + 30° to - 30°
  • dedicated semi-trailers for food, non-food or fresh meat transport